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What factors cause damage to assembly line equipment?

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What factors cause damage to assembly line equipment?

  Many companies have multiple assembly line equipment, and good assembly line equipment can indeed play a particularly high work efficiency, and good assembly line equipment, in addition to its own quality, after-sales and maintenance are also indispensable. If it is damaged or stopped, what factors are generally caused by it?
In the long-term operation of assembly line equipment, it will be damaged or stopped. In this case, it is usually repaired for those equipment that cannot work normally due to damage.


  The repair of assembly line equipment is different from the maintenance of equipment. The repair of assembly line equipment is mainly to repair and replace worn or broken parts, so that the equipment can restore its technical performance and performance, and ensure the normal function of the equipment. Repairs for natural physical wear and tear are generally called normal repairs, while those for sudden damage are called abnormal repairs. Repair is to restore the function of assembly line equipment. It is a partial compensation for physical wear and tear, and it is also an important part of assembly line Facility Management.


  During the use of assembly line equipment, parts will gradually wear, deform, break, corrode and other phenomena, which are called tangible wear. The use of materials and work of each part is different, and the degree of wear and tear generated within a certain period of time is also different, which slowly deteriorates the mechanical technical state of the conveying line, making it unable to operate normally, causing downtime, or even failure, resulting in mechanical accidents.


  Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the assembly line equipment, it is necessary to replace or repair the worn and failed parts in time according to the changing law of the mechanical technical state, and disassemble and adjust the complete-built unit assembly line equipment or parts to restore the mechanical efficiency. Technical operations must be repaired. In addition, regular maintenance of the assembly line equipment should be carried out in daily production, which can not only prolong the service life of the equipment, but also ensure the normal operation of the equipment.