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Vertical conveyor Prorunner

A rugged pallet lift that will lift and lower heavy pallets

The Prorunner is a discontinuous vertical conveyor with a small footprint that excels in robustness and requires minimal maintenance. Its steel structure is extremely stable under all circumstances.

Suitable for:

  • trays
  • boxes
  • crates
  • boxes or bags 


The produce, picked by hand and placed on the lateral belt, may – depending on the Customer’s needs – be either distributed onto other belts for sorting or placed directly into bins, containers, or trailers. The belts are driven by hydraulic motors normally powered by the tractor’s electric circuit or, on request, by an independent hydraulic system. The belt opening, on the other hand, is mixed: manual, gas-spring driven, and hydraulic via the use of specific jacks.

Technical Parameters

Min. In / Outfeed


Max. In / Outfeed 2667mm
Throughput  60p/hour
Product (Max. L x W)  1220x787mm

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