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Sentao Conveyor boasts an experienced group in automation equipment industry, among which some key staff in R&D and manufacture have been in this field for over 30 years. The engineering team has ever hosted or joined in the design and installation of many great conveying projects in transit depot of many companies like Monalisa Tiles, Yunda Express, JD Mall, CLT production line, etc, involving different demanding upgrade, flex, slide and so on. With all these powerful technology talent support and glorious industry experience, the company is always capable and ready to meet customers’ various conveying demands. The company is greatly serious and concerned about customer feedbacks, which is regarded as the key to update current products, innovate brand-new products and crease the best application experience.

Sentao Conveyor are widely applied in various industries like E-business, express, warehousing, mining, electronics, food and tobacco, medicine, automobile, etc.