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Assembly Line

From basic to complex assembly, SENTAO Conveyors manufactures and configures assembly line conveyors specifically for your application. Our line of assembly conveyors include automated assembly line conveyors, belt conveyors, incline parts conveyors, cleated conveyors and more. When specifying conveyors for Assembly applications there are many possible needs that you may run into. Automation Series Conveyors are ideal in most assembly applications, but a handful of applications may specifically require some of our Industrial Series Conveyors. We offer a variety of flat belts including high friction, accumulation, and color contrasting for your assembly line conveyors.

ProjectIncreased Efficiency in Shipping and Receivingation

Moving thousands of cartons, totes and pallets to the right place — quickly and accurately — requires specialized conveyors. SENTAO Conveyors offers a wide range of flexible gravity conveyors including roller and skate wheel models, flexible powered conveyors, rigid conveyors, and telescopic conveyors to meet your specific material handling needs.

Our distribution center conveyors help you move packages large and small more efficiently by:

  • Maintaining the desired speed
    Offering high load capacity
  • Maximizing storage space
  • Protecting products while in motion
  • Minimizing required number of workers
  • Offering reliability with low maintenance
  • Providing configurable products to meet peaks
  • Reducing the number of employee injuries

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