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Application examples of intelligent packaging for doors

Processing parameters

Applicable door range: (1600-2200)*(700-1100)*(36-60)mm

Capacity of the whole line: 1 fan/min

Line speed: 0-36m/min

Process flow

1、Manually feed the door core into the non-powered roller conveying line, and send the whole stack of door skins to the 2 ton fixed roller lift.

2、Two groups of manuals send the single door skin into the glue coating machine to apply glue, and one group of manuals send the door core into the glue coating machine.

3, the door skin door core is pasted into the hot press after hot pressing and then converge, rotate 90° into the gauge saw gauge square by the intelligent panning machine.

4、Rotate after the gauge square, enter the edge sealing machine, excess workpiece into the storage rack.

5、After sealing four edges, enter two groups of locking machine to punch locking holes, excess workpieces into the storage rack cache.

6, after punching the lock hole workpiece convergence to the main line, manual quality inspection after one side, the flap machine flip to the other side of the manual quality inspection, unqualified products from the intelligent panning machine to move out.

7、The workpiece is laminated and packaged by the laminating machine and palletized by the truss robot.

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