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What should I do if the conveyor belt is slipping?

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What should I do if the conveyor belt is slipping?

Conveyor belt in the production run, there are many reasons for slippage, the following we will talk about in the operation often seen and the way to deal with.

The first is that the conveyor belt load of the food conveying line is too large, beyond the capacity of the motor can be loaded, so it will slip. At this time should reduce the amount of material transported or increase the conveyor’s own load-bearing capacity. Conveyor

The second is the start of the food conveyor line too fast and cause slippage. At this time should be slow start or again after two points to restart, but also to overcome the phenomenon of slippage.

The third is the initial tension is too small. The reason is that the tension of the conveyor belt is not enough when it leaves the drum, which causes the belt to slip. The way to deal with this is to adjust the tensioning device and increase the initial tension.

Fourthly, the bearing of the drum is damaged and does not rotate. The reason may be too much dust accumulation or not timely maintenance and replacement has been seriously worn and inflexible parts, resulting in increased resistance and slippage. Conveyor line

The fifth is the conveyor drive roller and the friction between the conveyor belt is not enough to cause slippage. Most of the reasons are moisture on the conveyor belt or wet operating environment. At this time should be added to the roller some rosin end.