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What dust control measures should be done for the conveyor?

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What should I do if the conveyor belt is slipping?

The dustproof requirements of the conveyor: the conveyor system has higher requirements for dustproof, for this reason, there is watering and dust collection equipment at each transfer, for the operators and repairers working in the whole system, both based on their own share of the single machine, but also to understand the interconnection between the system, the single machine is composed of many parts, as long as the daily protection and maintenance of each part, so that it is in good working condition, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Only then can we ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

The planning of the belt conveyor is based on: the initial confirmation of the operating speed of the conveyor according to the transport volume and the nature of the material, the selection of high belt speed, reduce the bandwidth, the initial confirmation of the transport machinery and structure and parameters, the calculation of power according to the importance of the selection of norms is the premise of the operation of the transport machinery, the basic planning is based on the premise of ensuring that the normal operation of the transport machinery requirements, complete the confirmation of the main standards and requirements.



Conveyor hydraulic active tensioning equipment is important

The composition of the belt conveyor is a combination of parts and components of various parts, during the period of more than the use of threads, pins and other mechanical means of connection, removable, once the parts are damaged to facilitate easy replacement, reuse of parts and recycling of materials. Therefore, the research of disassembling planning of belt conveyor is important to reduce the production operation cost and protect the environment.

What is the maintenance and use of the conveyor?

1, nylon conveyor in the delivery and storage, should adhere to the clean avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow drenching, avoid touching with acid, oil and other substances, and interval heating equipment one meter away from the nylon conveyor belt.

2、Different types and standard layers of conveyor belts should not be used together, the joints are better to use the glue method.

3, during storage, the product must be placed in rolls, not folded, placed during the season should be turned once.

4、The direction of feeding should follow the running direction of the tape to reduce the material drop interval; the tape receiving section should shorten the distance of the rollers to buffer the lifting rollers for leakage and scratch the belt surface of the conveyor belt.

5, the conveyor drive roller diameter and transport belt cloth layer of contact, redirecting roller matching and the requirements of the groove angle of the roller should be based on the planning provisions of the conveyor, reasonably selected.