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What are the requirements to be met during the belt conveyor load test run?

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What are the requirements to be met during the belt conveyor load test run?

Before running the belt conveyor, first of all, we should confirm that the belt conveyor equipment, personnel and conveyed items are in safe and intact condition; secondly, we should check that all moving parts are normal and free of foreign objects, and check whether all electrical lines are normal, and only when they are normal can the belt conveyor be put into operation. Finally, check that the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage of the equipment is not more than ±5%.

1、When carrying out load test run, the loading amount of the conveyor should be increased gradually from small to large, firstly, it should be loaded according to 20% rated load, and then 50%, 80% and 100% rated load after passing the test run, and the continuous running time of the test run should not be less than 2 hours under various load conditions.
2、The whole machine should run smoothly, without friction and impact, without non-rotating rollers.

3、Check whether the temperature rise at the motor, reducer bearing and lubricating oil, hydraulic coupler oil, etc. is load requirement.

4、Observe whether the material is located in the center of the conveyor belt, if the falling material is not correct, adjust the position of the adjustable baffle in the funnel.

5、Sweeper cleaning effect should be good, scraper and conveyor belt contact should be uniform, no abnormal vibration should occur.

6、Measure whether the technical parameters such as belt speed, capacity, starting and braking time meet the design requirements.

7、Check the connection parts, if any bolt is loose, it should be tightened in time.