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What are the faults and troubleshooting methods in the installation and use of mesh belts

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What are the faults and troubleshooting methods in the installation and use of mesh belts

Mesh belt is mainly used in food drying machine, vegetable, seafood cleaning and sterilization machine, pasteurization machine, instant noodles and rice flour steaming, heat shrinkable film packaging machine. Glass bottles and jars, food, light cannon, metal, utensils, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, medicine, electronics, powder metallurgy, heat treatment, wood, logistics and other industries such as automatic devices and automatic assembly line use; natural gas, coke oven gas and electronic infrared transmission of various kiln systems such as the use of food machinery, glass machinery, conveying machinery, etc. The surface of the mesh belt is smooth, evenly perforated, standard chain drive, smooth walking, no deviation, strong load capacity and tensile strength, easy to clean, easy maintenance, etc.

Metal mesh belt is a kind of friction-driven machine that transports materials in a continuous manner. It can be used to transport materials in a certain conveying line, from the initial supply point to the final discharge point to form a material conveying process. It is possible to convey both loose and broken materials as well as pieces. In addition to pure material conveying, it can also cooperate with the requirements of the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic flow transportation line. Therefore, metal mesh belts are widely used in modern industrial enterprises. It is an indispensable and important accessory for automatic devices and modern automated lines in various industries.

The use of metal mesh belt installation troubleshooting method and its characteristics

   1: If the mesh belt appears to run piece of bias phenomenon, adjust the tensioning axis at the end of the driven shaft, should be adjusted slowly, do not remember to adjust quickly, resulting in mesh belt edge scraping.

   2: If the mesh belt shaking phenomenon, should check the conveyor frame and conveyor tunnel rollers have no rust and refuse to rotate phenomenon, adjust one by one.

   3:If the chain-driven mesh belt jumps and runs unstably, check whether the chain wheel at both ends of the active shaft is synchronized and whether the tooth end is excessively worn.

The main factors affecting the service life of the mesh belt 1, mesh belt material (original Japanese material will have a longer service life) 2, mesh belt furnace use is quenching or carburizing, carburizing life will be relatively short 3, the use of quenching medium, the general salt bath mesh belt service life is shorter 4, the design of the equipment itself, the equipment is a mechanical aspect of the problem.