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What are the common types of converters in conveying equipment

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Belt Turning Machine

What are the common types of converters in conveying equipment

Due to the presentation of various mechanical conveying equipment, it makes most of the industrial enterprises use these conveyors. With the development of industrial technology, conveyors also continue to develop and innovate at a certain level, and nowadays one of the conveyors turning conveyor is also commonly used in the logistics conveying line of various industrial enterprises.

Belt bending machine is divided into belt bending machine and roller bending machine, belt bending machine is due to the fan-shaped belt with special anti-running roller or high-frequency welding guide bar on the outside of the conveyor belt so that the conveyor belt runs in a special guide rail, the roller uses a special cone-shaped rubber covered roller, widely used in food, beverage, electronics, tobacco, logistics and other industries.

Roller Turning Machine

Roller bending machine is a one-way operation mode with the cooperation between motor, roller, gear and chain. It is the motor drive shaft drives the gear rotation, the gear drives the chain running, the chain drives the roller face gear running, and then the running roller drives the adjacent roller running through the chain gear. Drive shaft, gears, chain, mesh belt, guide rail, bracket rail with the closed mode of operation between. Roller bending machine is widely used in all walks of life for cost packaging conveying, and turnover conveying. Suitable for all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and other pieces of goods conveying, bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be placed on the pallet or turnover box conveying. Able to convey single piece of material with great weight, or bear large impact load.