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Plastic Modular Slat Chain Conveyor

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Plastic modular belt conveyors are universally applicable, no matter whether light or heavy goods, area or point loads are involved. Whether cold or hot, small or large – almost any goods can be transported. Wherever the SENTAO belt conveyor reaches its limits, the SENTAO steel plate conveyor can usually provide the solution. Plastic modular belt conveyors can transport uphill or downhill and are truly multi-talented. In addition to a harmonious appearance due to the selection of different belt colours, these conveyors are very low-maintenance.

Suitable for:

  • Big Bag
  • Oily small parts
  • Conveyed goods with heavy point loads
  • and much more..

The advantages at a glance

  • Gentle transport
  • Drive elements adapted to the application situation (e.g. crowned drive and deflection roller)
  • Depending on the application, we select the appropriate belt for you: e.g. smooth for horizontal running, structured surface for inclines, flights for very steep sections, cut and abrasion resistant for sharp-edged / rough material to be conveyed and much more
  • Removal of the belt on sliding plate, for long elements incl. ventilation rollers
  • Buffer function possible via accumulation belt
  • Reversible operation through central omega station
  • User-friendly tensioning stations at the drive and deflection pulley
  • Optional wedge guidance of the belt for special operating conditions (e.g. slow speeds, transverse forces, special dimensions (long lengths, unfavourable length to width ratios)


The following guide values apply to standard conveyors, in internal ambient conditions and for defined applications and goods conveyed.

Length (per conveyor)
max. 6.000 mm
Useful width
max. 2.000 mm
Overall height without supports
ab 45 mm
with threaded spindles for height adjustment
Conveyor rollers tube made of steel / stainless steel, standard according to DIN EN 10305 (formerly DIN 2394)
Diameter: 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 89, 108 mm
Conveyor rollers tube made of plastic, blue
Diameter: 30, 40, 50 mm
Internal ball bearings
Axles continuous, with internal thread


  • Belt with carrier (cleats) for rising transport
  • Belt with lateral guides as corrugated edges, travelling
  • Ascending belt conveyors with horizontal discharge
  • Filling funnel for bulk materials
  • Fixed lateral guides
  • Lateral guide with sealing lip
  • Movable underframe

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