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Mesh belt conveyor classification

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Mesh belt conveyor classification

Plastic steel mesh belt conveyor: It is a supplement to the traditional belt conveyor, which overcomes the shortcomings of belt machine belt tearing, piercing and corrosion, and provides a safe, fast and simple maintenance conveying method for customers. Because the mesh belt conveyor uses modular mesh belt, and the transmission method is driven by chain wheel, so the conveyor belt is not easy to snake and run off, and because the belt is thick and can withstand cutting, collision, and oil and water resistance, etc., so that the industries do not have trouble in maintenance, especially in replacing the conveyor belt plastic steel mesh belt conveyor is even less an expense. We can make the conveyor belt meet the requirements of ambient temperature from -10 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius by modifying the plastic material, and the belt pitch is 12.7, 19.05, 25.4, 27.2, 38.1, 50.8, and the opening rate is from 2% to 48%.


1. Mobile conveyor is suitable for conveying, loading and unloading, palletizing and dumping of bulk or packaged grain and small granular materials, and can be used in tandem by many units or in combination with other machinery. It can be operated in the open air. It consists of frame, transmission, automatic lifting device, carrier stick and conveyor belt.


2. Climbing belt conveyor uses the continuous or intermittent movement of conveyor belt to transport goods under 500kg or powder or granular goods. Climbing belt conveyor is used in the conveying situation with high and low difference, it can complete continuous conveying and can be connected with roller conveyor or chain conveyor smoothly.


3. Turning belt conveyor adopts professional tape calculation program software to calculate the tension force of the tape at each turning point, according to these parameters, the inclination angle of each turning point and the tilting angle of the roller support and the tilting angle of the roller before and after the turning point are calculated to ensure the reliability of the tape running at the turning point.


4. Flexible conveyor flexible conveyor chain plate is a great improvement on the traditional chain plate, so that the running performance of the chain plate has been qualitatively improved. Conveyor products include: belt conveyor, chain conveyor, roller conveyor, mesh belt conveyor, chain conveyor, flexible conveyor.


5. Belt conveyor uses the continuous or intermittent movement of conveyor belt to convey various light and heavy items, which can convey various kinds of bulk materials as well as cartons, bags and other single pieces of goods with little weight.


6. By making multiple rows in one, the chain conveyor makes the conveyor wide and forms a differential speed, so that multiple columns become a single column without extrusion, and the same can make a single column become multiple columns and walk slowly, thus producing storage capacity.


7. Conveyor is a material handling machine that continuously conveys materials in a certain line, also called continuous conveyor. Conveyor can be horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying, also can form a space conveying line, conveying line is generally fixed. Conveyor conveying capacity is large and the distance is long.


8. Mesh belt conveyor is a revolution of traditional belt conveyor, which overcomes the disadvantages of difficult maintenance of belt conveyor and easy tearing, puncturing and corrosion of belt, and provides customers with a safe, fast and simple maintenance conveying method. As such conveyors use modular plastic conveyor belt.


9. stainless steel conveyor all stainless steel structure shape, chain plate conveyor belt, no exposed fasteners, new design, beautiful and generous; conveying performance is smooth and reliable, no pole scheduling, easy to use; for the appearance requirements of good, high quality requirements of precision equipment supporting the use.


10. Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor adopts stainless steel mesh belt as carrier for conveying, suitable for drying, steaming, frying, de-wetting, freezing, etc. in various food industries and cooling, spraying, cleaning, draining, heat treatment and other processes in metal industries.


11. mesh belt chain conveyor: carton beer mesh belt chain conveyor, dehydrated vegetables mesh belt chain conveyor, can mesh belt chain conveyor, battery mesh belt chain conveyor, tire mesh belt chain conveyor, vegetable mesh belt chain conveyor, aquatic mesh belt chain conveyor, fruit mesh belt chain conveyor, puffed food mesh belt chain conveyor, meat food small package mesh belt chain conveyor, fruit and vegetable mesh belt chain conveyor, meat dividing mesh belt chain conveyor. conveyor.


12. Aluminum alloy mesh belt conveyor adopts aluminum alloy mesh belt as carrier for conveying, which is suitable for various food, medicine and chemical industries.