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Maintenance work of the U.S. assembly line

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Maintenance work of the U.S. assembly line

Maintenance work of the U.S. assembly line

1. accurate and smooth speed during delivery, which can ensure accurate and synchronized delivery.

2. Made of specific aluminum profiles, which is easy to install.

3. concise structure, exquisite appearance, useful and noiseless.

4. large delivery capacity, which can be loaded with large weight.

5. high automation and multi-function.

6. convenient accumulation and delivery, can do device development line or used as storage and delivery of goods.

7. The function of the equipment is ensured, and it can adapt to any harsh place (high temperature, dust) operation.

Chain plate conveyor is a chain plate as a traction and negative carrier transport things, the chain can be the usual sleeve roller transport chain, but also can use some other special chain; U.S. assembly line of each accessory how we should go for maintenance and standardized operation, the U.S. assembly line and other transport equipment is not only maintenance, workers in the operation of the time of operation specifications, as long as this, in order to make the transport line work properly. Also note that the maintenance is not only the maintenance of hardware, but also to pay attention to the operator’s formal operation. The plan design of the U.S. assembly line should ensure that the delivery path of parts is relatively short, production workers easy to operate, auxiliary services easy to operate, more effective use of production area, and consider the connection between the assembly line device. In order to meet these needs, in Zhuhai assembly line layout should consider the way the assembly line, assembly line device placement method of operation and other questions.

1, the head of the transformer maintenance and protection of the motor: the motor must not enter the water, once the water will have a chance to cause the motor insulation damage and the onset of equipment work not up.

2、Chain maintenance and protection: the chain needs more investigation, diligent addition of grease and lubricant, because the chain works for a long time, the lubricating fluid collar will evaporate, and then lead to noise, tendency to creep and other questions.

3, the United States assembly line head of the reducer repair and maintenance: the first use of a quarter after the posture of the reducer in the excess oil in all the discharge, and then use gasoline, diesel oil, etc. to the reducer inside a bath, and then add the new lubricant to the middle of the investigation window. After every year after this operation again. (We need to note: too little lubricating oil will cause the gearbox noise and overheating, and even the gearbox is ruined, and each time the lubricating oil can not exceed the middle of the investigation window, beyond too much will cause the gearbox overheating, motor load is too large and protection switch off.