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Introduction to the classification of transport machinery and conveying machinery

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Introduction to the classification of transport machinery and conveying machinery

As a large class of machinery and equipment, the application of the transport shooting machinery is very wide, in various industrial sectors of the national economy, a variety of industries have applications. For example, in the machinery, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, building materials, food and other industries using the belt gun feeder; automotive, home appliances and post and telecommunications industries using the hanging Han feeder; engineering construction in the use of wheel loaders; shopping malls, hotels and railway stations using escalators and so on. Transport pumping machinery design and manufacturing technology level represents the level of industrial mechanization, automation. Also reflects the level of development of a country’s industrial technology.

There are many kinds of transport machinery, understanding and studying transport machinery is a very important work. For a long time, due to historical reasons and our country in the management system there are some questions, so that the industries, departments, manufacturers and even the design and research departments in their own way, according to their own industry, departmental characteristics and habits of transport machinery named; make the same transport machinery in different industries often have different names. For example: the belt type Han feeding machine, in the power, mining, light industry and other industries are often called “tape pumping machine”, “tape machine”; and in the machinery industry individual units are called “belt machine”. In this way, in the technical and In this way, in the technical and file management adds a lot of unnecessary trouble; for academic exchange also has a very negative impact. For manufacturers of products more unfavorable technical progress; in international trade, with China’s imminent accession to the WTO, the confusion on the name of goods will certainly make the international technology and trade exchanges are seriously affected. The development of China’s transport Han machinery is harmful.

Transport pumping machinery usually refers to the ability to bulk materials (referred to as materials) or pieces of goods (referred to as goods) in a certain line of delivery. From the loading point to the unloading point with a certain or changing speed, continuous or intermittent delivery of machinery and equipment. According to its function, transport pumping machinery can be broadly divided into three categories: loading and unloading machinery, conveying machinery and feeding machinery.