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How to treat the surface of conveyor roller?

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How to treat the surface of conveyor roller?

Conveying roller is one of the main accessories of roller conveyor, depending on the use occasion, the roller surface treatment is different, there are 4 common conveying roller surface treatment methods.

(1) Drum surface galvanization
Drum surface galvanizing is suitable for light industry, appearance, electromechanics, agricultural machinery, national defense and other industrial equipment and equipment, and is currently the most common method of drum surface treatment, which is classified as true environmental galvanizing, and has the following characteristics compared to traditional oxidation galvanizing.
① No need for highly toxic cyanide, and the wastewater is easy to handle.
② Fine crystalline layer, good luster, dispersion ability and deep plating ability close to cyanide plating solution, suitable for plating of complex-shaped parts.
③Stable plating solution and convenient operation.
④No corrosion to equipment.
⑤ Low cost.

(2) Chromium plating on the surface of conveyor roller
Chromium is mainly used for cars, bicycles, daily-use hardware products, household appliances, exterior switches, mechanical parts and other equipment and devices. Chromium selected nickel, nickel-chromium process to ensure product quality. The appearance is silver-white, decorative chrome has the characteristics of strong anti-corrosion and good appearance decoration, with a high reflection coefficient.

(3) Conveyor roller surface cladding
The rubber covered roller is a rubber product made by vulcanizing the rubber layer on the metal steel tube. Compared with the general roller, the rubber covered roller has the characteristics of elasticity, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance (nitrile rubber), temperature resistance, no rust, etc.; hard chrome is also called wear-resistant chrome, the treatment can add the hardness of the appearance, improve wear resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Imported raw materials and adhesives, commonly used for natural rubber and nitrile rubber two, with black, green, light gray as the recommended color.

(4) conveying roller surface hard chrome plating
Hard chrome is also known as wear-resistant chrome, the treatment can increase the hardness of the roller appearance, improve wear resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., used in mechanical molds, plastic molds, corrosion-resistant valves, printing, textile and paper roller processing and measuring instruments, the appearance of silver.