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How to lay out the flow line to improve production efficiency?

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How to lay out the flow line to improve production efficiency?

The flow line has a wide range of applications in modern industrial production, it can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, while also having the function of integrating production processes. The use of flow lines greatly improves the production speed of products, providing fresh blood for the development of modern industry. So how should the layout of the equipment? Let’s understand the following: 1) left to take the right to put, the best flow of in-process products (materials or cut pieces) is to the right, followed by backward or forward flow.
2) The upper process can directly put the material on the table of the next process, it is difficult to hand to hand transmission, available automatic flow trough, and not to inter-process “throwing” materials.

3) Try to reduce the amount of special cars < double needle car, and bone car, knife car, etc.>, such as process flow spacing is large, can use the method of circular flow.

4) Equipment layout, do not see the equipment model as a plane, the site IE need to consider the location of the machine head and the car table and the location of the car staff.

5) When the material area is large, the movable table board can be used to add a wide table surface, and it is recommended that the operating table surface should not be too close to the pulleys of other equipment. 6) When a person uses two pieces of equipment, it can be operated only by turning around as far as possible to avoid getting up and shifting.

7) The arrangement of equipment should consider the use of space while the flow is smooth.

8) In order to make the use of workshop space has unified control, the layout of equipment to square or rectangular is appropriate.

9) The entrance and exit of the cutting line of the unit flowing car should be laid at the edge of the production line, and not set in the middle.

10) The exit of each unit of the cutting line should be close to the center of the matching table.

11) Although the layout of the equipment requires compactness, but the staff seating space should not be less than 55cm wide.

12) When the actual layout of the workshop, the scheduling personnel need to follow up on site, observe and analyze the process or make appropriate corrections.

13) In actual production, workshop managers should observe whether the convenience of transportation between processes, whether there are bottlenecks, collect and summarize the problems found in the production, further improve the scheduling method and improve production efficiency.

14) With the application of automatic (template) sewing machines in sewing shops in recent years, our assembly line should also take into account the off-line layout of this type of automatic equipment, and we can consider using raw hands to operate this type of automatic sewing machine equipment to improve sewing efficiency while reducing labor costs.