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How to improve the working power of roller conveyor?

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How to improve the working power of roller conveyor?

How to improve the working power of roller conveyor?

Roller conveyors consist primarily of two end-point rollers and a closed conveyor belt that is tightly sheathed on them. The roller that rolls the conveyor belt is called the driving roller (drive roller); the other roller that only changes the direction of movement of the conveyor belt is called the redirecting roller. The drive pulley is driven by an electric motor through a reducer, and the conveyor belt is dragged by the conflict between the drive pulley and the conveyor belt. The driving drum is generally installed at the discharge end to increase the traction force and facilitate dragging. The material is fed by the feeding end, falls on the rolling conveyor belt, and is discharged by the unloading end of the delivery bag driven by the conflict of the conveyor belt.

Roller conveyor is faster and more useful compared with other conveying machines, which is brought by the efficient transmission components of roller conveyor. If we want to improve the mechanical function of power roller conveyor, we must improve the production and manufacturing process of plastic bearings of daily power roller conveyor parts, as long as the plastic bearings manufactured with more refined and advanced production process can further promote the efficient work of power roller conveyor.


In the production of roller conveyor parts plastic bearings, we have a very important goal to recognize the quality of plastic bearings, this goal is the clearance value. The clearance value refers to the plastic bearing inner ring and outer ring of one side fixed, and the other side of the collar up and down or left and right direction movement occurs, it is set and manipulated to resolve the fine value of the plastic bearing of the daily chemical power roller conveyor parts. The magnitude of the clearance value affects the magnitude of oscillation noise, fatigue life and other functions of the plastic bearing.

Here, we want to prompt us to try to avoid using plastic to produce power roller conveyor parts plastic bearings, first of all, because the rigidity and hardness difference of plastic bearings of plastic raw materials is not possible, rigidity and hardness difference is not possible will lead to power roller conveyor in fast conveying a large conflict, and a lot of conflict will lead to the rise of plastic bearing temperature, Z eventually lead to the softening of resin in plastic bearings and This will further increase the conflict force of the plastic bearing of the power roller conveyor parts, and then bring bad influence to the whole conveying process, and when it is serious, it will also require stopping for maintenance.