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How to extend the service life of the telescopic belt conveyor?

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How to extend the service life of the telescopic belt conveyor?

How long the service life of purchased products is a matter of great concern, and so is the telescopic belt conveyor. So how is the service life of the telescopic belt machine? sentao automation now for you to answer one by one, how the life of the telescopic belt machine, the factors affecting its life is mainly through these two points of view.

A, the production of telescopic belt machine
Telescopic belt machine production links, including the choice of materials, the process of production, production technology and other factors, like a person’s physique, the bottom played well, half of the success. Telescopic belt machine material is not well chosen, in the process of use, prone to deformation, corrosion and other problems, of course, the service life is not long, while the technology is not in place, the size is not accurate, flatness is not high, will also lead to card material, which leads to repeated wear and tear, and more importantly, will lead to damage to the items, thus wasting, raising costs, but also affect the production efficiency.

Second, the method of using the telescopic belt machine
Again good products, if not used properly, will also affect the service life of the sentao automation of the telescopic belt machine using high-strength special steel, the use of advanced welding technology to protect the main frame more robust and durable, while the use of German baking paint process to prevent rack corrosion and rust. Although the telescopic belt conveyor of Shenzhen Dongchang Automation has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, it still needs to be maintained on time after use, which is also conducive to the extension of life and management.

SENTAO telescopic belt machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, silent, smooth, and effortless, and the service life is higher than the average level of peers. SENTAO has 16 years of production experience, with a professional and dedicated attitude, to create a better telescopic belt machine