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How to do the chain shake

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How to do the chain shake

1、Sprocket tooth wear: If there is obvious wear on both sides of the sprocket teeth, the transmission alignment is not good. If there is a “bending groove”, it means that the sprocket should be exchanged for a worn sprocket, or the sprocket can be installed backwards so that the lighter side of the wear is facing the chain. The sprocket with excessive wear should be replaced together with the chain.

2、Pin wear: Usually the pin wear is caused by the lack of smoothness. Always check whether there is abrasive in the smooth oil or change the smooth way.

3、Side wear of chain plate: If the inner surface of the chain plate of the inner link is worn seriously, it is clarified that the transmission is not aligned. The treatment method is to check the alignment of the shaft and sprocket. If there is no problem with the installation, it can be observed to check whether the lack of rigidity is caused by excessive deformation of the load during the operation.

4、Chain chattering: The reason of roller chain chattering is that the chain is too loose, the load is too large or one or more links are not sensitive. The treatment method is to install chain tensioning installation or adjustable center distance. Reduce the load if possible.