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How to determine the speed of the assembly line?

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How to determine the speed of the assembly line?

 How to determine the speed of the assembly line? The number of stations is derived from the length of the assembly line, and then the production tempo is determined according to the long time required for each process of the assembly line. Of course, assembly lines with long operating times can be split up so that each station in the assembly line has the same amount of work and operating time.

  Standard working hours on the assembly line: refers to the effective action time that directly affects the completion of the finished product from the parts to the finished product under normal circumstances, which includes direct working hours and indirect working hours. That is, the processing of each piece (set) of products, the sum of the effective operating time of all work stations.

  Assembly line standard working hours development method: all the effective working hours of each existing workstation (skilled workers) are measured, and the working hours of all the processing workstations that make up the products are calculated after considering the balanced degree of workshop production, the influence of the environment on workers, and the fatigue production information of workers.

  Direct working hours: refers to the working hours of the personnel working directly;

  Indirect work hours: refers to the necessary management and auxiliary work for the direct work workers on site, according to the characteristics of the current workshop management organization, the work hours generated by the workshop except the director and direct work personnel;

  Standard manpower: refers to the reasonable quantity of manpower allocated to the production unit under the premise of the set production target, according to the standard working hours and the actual production condition.

  Production efficiency: actual output × standard working hours; actual manpower × 8.00 hours – block production working hours + overtime working hours

  Assembly line generally includes traction parts, load-bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirection devices and support parts. The assembly line is highly scalable, and the assembly line can be designed according to the demand for conveying volume, assembly line conveying speed, assembly line assembly stations.

  Assembly line auxiliary parts: assembly line includes quick connector, assembly line fan, assembly line light, assembly line socket, assembly line process board, assembly line shelf, assembly line 24V power supply, assembly line wind batch, etc.

  How to determine the speed of the assembly line? This is the introduction of the assembly line, the assembly line transmission method of synchronous assembly line transmission / (mandatory), can also be non-synchronous assembly line transmission / (flexible), according to the choice of assembly line configuration, assembly line can achieve the requirements of assembly and transport.