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How to debug the belt conveyor conveying system?

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How to debug the belt conveyor conveying system?

With the upgrading of science and technology, the development path of the belt Conveyor needs to be changed in the future. When the technical personnel of the Conveyor are debugging the Conveyor, the performance of the belt Conveyor should be taken into consideration from many aspects. Following is Sentao Belt Conveyor Supplier to introduce the transportation and debugging method of the belt Conveyor.

belt conveyor 

The conveyance debugging method of belt conveyor

If there is a large sound at the bearing seat, it is necessary to do further inspection immediately, in order to effectively avoid more serious problems with the belt conveyor. Not only that, belt conveyor also frequently appears at the coupling two shafts noise. The main reason for this problem is that the high-speed end of the drive device is in normal use, and the coupling of the reducer and the motor is issued. However, this noise is often accompanied by very strong motor rotation vibration, which must be examined in depth in the first place.

(1) After the installation of the equipment, carefully debug the belt conveyor to meet the requirements of the drawing.

(2) Add corresponding lubricating oil to each reducer and moving parts.

(3) After the installation of the belt conveyor meets the requirements, each single device shall be manually tested and combined to debug the conveyor to meet the requirements of the action.

(4) debugging the electrical part of the belt conveyor. Including the routine electrical wiring and action debugging, so that the equipment has good performance, to achieve the designed function and state.

Belt conveyor is widely used in injection molding machine

Belt conveyor in injection molding auxiliary machine application: belt conveyor series is widely used in injection molding machinery and plastic equipment extrusion products transportation, is a kind of suitable for all kinds of PVC powder extrusion forming workpiece products using manipulator automation placed on the conveying equipment transportation, sorting, assembly, detection and other functions.

Belt conveyor equipped with different conveying auxiliary machines can produce and transport all kinds of PVC plastic pipes, profiles, plates, sheets, bars and granulation and other finished products or leftover injection waste scraps.

According to the user’s different configuration requirements, the configuration structure to achieve the most reasonable transportation, in order to achieve the best automation and logistics quality. It can ensure the high consistency of extrusion performance of each similar extrusion equipment. Take the lead in the introduction of the most advanced design technology, so that the logistics in the delivery of more gentle and stable, closer to the actual needs. Special design of distribution box, large driving force, bearing imported original, high transmission life, can withstand greater pressure. The electrical system adopts imported original parts to the maximum extent, and has a number of fault alarm functions, less fault, easy to eliminate. Conveyor system design is special, easy to maintain.

The development trend of belt conveyor in our country

1. Large volume and high speed

High productivity and low production cost per unit of time.

2. long service life

The wear of conveyor belt and roller is the main reason to limit the service life of conveyor. The service life of conveyor can be greatly improved by reducing the friction coefficient between conveyor belt and roller, enhancing the wear resistance of conveyor belt and improving the performance of roller.

3. Low production cost

In the ordinary belt conveyor, the manufacturing cost of the idler accounts for 17 percent to 25 percent of the whole belt conveyor, and because of too many moving parts, the maintenance cost is expensive. Adopting non-roller support or non-contact support is the most effective way to reduce the cost of belt conveyor.

4. Low energy consumption

About eighty percent of the energy of the belt conveyor is consumed in the friction loss. The most effective way to reduce the friction loss is to use the non-contact belt conveyor, which requires only 20 percent of the motor power of the ordinary belt conveyor.

5. Intelligent

Future models should be closely related to the microcomputer, suitable for program control, intelligent operation. Material loading and unloading, machine installation and maintenance should be able to achieve intelligent management.

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