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Ceramic machinery industry Industrial Internet accelerates change

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Ceramic machinery industry Industrial Internet accelerates change

Ceramic machinery industry, information technology, intelligent process meets industrial change, has experienced semi-mechanization, mechanization, automation and other stages of the ceramic enterprises, is facing a new round of industrial cycle of military preparations. The direct impact of industrial change is that the traditional channels are broken and iteration, the new species and brands began to re-construct. Rock plate has redefined the ceramic industry, which is both a new opportunity in the development process of the building ceramic industry, but also let the original advantage of the enterprise is facing a more serious challenge. At this critical point, the industrial Internet may become a key variable in industrial change.

In recent years, along with the accelerated pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading, all kinds of robots have entered the ceramic tile production workshop, such as automatic tile machine, automatic tile machine, automatic billet storage machine, automatic packing machine, automatic sorting machine, unmanned inbound forklift, etc., the wide application of these automated equipment, while vigorously improving the level of ceramic tile production, also reduces a large number of ordinary positions in the operation of the staff to a certain degree to solve the problem of The labor shortage of enterprises.

In recent years, although most of the larger enterprises have established OA, ERP, CRM and other management systems, but the data generated by these management systems also exist in isolation, mismatch, incompatible problems. At present, most of the ceramic tile production enterprise information collection and reserve is still in the simple data collection stage, information island stage.

It is reported that the tile production process of inkjet printing, sorting, packing, handling, storage and other aspects of the automation level is relatively high, the application of robots is more common, but the data collection, integration, application of these links is still relatively weak, not able to realize the complete collection of data, centralization, unification and interaction, especially raw material purchasing, powder preparation, dosage supply, etc., most of them are still in the management of software to optimize and upgrade the human resources and management processes. Most of them are still in the initial stage of optimizing and upgrading human resources and management processes with the help of management software, and are unable to realize real-time interaction, matching and integrated application of data in the whole process of production, which, to a certain extent, restricts the further enhancement of the level of enterprise intelligence.

The industry pointed out that the introduction and establishment of a set of management software is relatively easy, the difficulty is how to integrate different systems, different data with each other, so that the data through the interaction of productivity, rather than just confined to the data assessment and machine replacement.

Currently, the ceramic industry focuses on direct economic benefits, i.e., how to quickly and cost-effectively reach the goal – put into production, as well as quickly produce qualified products to occupy the market, make sales profits, pursue market share, etc.. Dr. Li Ping, Director of Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy of New Pearl Group, also told the era of 5G industry, information technology transformation certainly needs the cooperation of the personnel on the production line, because for the production line, it is to stabilize the production and ensure the quality of the product, and if it is to be done, the first thing is certainly not to affect the production, and then to improve efficiency.