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Briefly describe how the conveyor conforms to the development and innovation of the machinery industry

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Briefly describe how the conveyor conforms to the development and innovation of the machinery industryBriefly describe how the conveyor conforms to the development and innovation of the machinery industry

Due to the rapid development of the country’s entire machinery industry, the conveyor industry should conform to this general trend to improve the quality management certification system of the conveying equipment industry, and at the same time absorb foreign advanced technology and vigorously develop and popularize advanced conveying equipment according to its own advantages. Use its own system to research, develop and innovate assembly line products by means of measurement, experiment, and inspection. At the same time, according to the situation on the spot and the suggestions of customers, it has developed a more systematic conveying machinery with Chinese characteristics.

  As a pillar industry of my country’s economy, the rapid development of the machinery industry is a necessary prerequisite for the successful transformation of my country’s economy, and it is a must-take for the continuous transfer of the machinery industry at home and abroad. The belt conveyor is an integral part of the conveying equipment, so it is necessary to follow the pace of the development of the entire machinery industry and go further. Changes in the way of improvement of China’s machinery industry and the upgrading of the scale of development. With the further survival of the fittest in the industrial structure, various industries have also changed from the previous simple regulatory model expansion and market-driven development to this value-driven improvement, and the overall improvement of comprehensive competitiveness.

  While following the transformation of the entire industry, the ability of conveyor line series products to develop and innovate in technology development should also be rapidly improved in accordance with development. By absorbing and digesting advanced technologies at home and abroad and its own independent innovation, a large number of advanced technologies and various conveyors with independent intellectual property rights should be introduced to the international market, especially in the development of new conveyor products and high-quality conveyor belts, greater innovation should be obtained. In the rapid development stage of the entire machinery industry as a pillar industry supported by my country, all conveyor enterprises should seize the opportunity to achieve their own rapid growth and development.

  At the same time, because the continuous introduction and implementation of many decrees during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period and the regional development planning, development policies and policies for revitalizing the machinery manufacturing industry of emerging strategic industries will bring more growth points to the machinery industry. Analyzed from the policies issued by the state, implement a proactive fiscal policy and a stable monetary policy, do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction according to the actual situation, and make every effort to develop independent innovation, etc., because all industries are also following the trend to change their growth models and optimize their industrial structure, they also need transportation equipment with higher craftsmanship level, which also provides a stronger development driving force for the rapid development of the machinery industry.

  From the production development of mines and the dependence on belt conveyors, it can be seen that the technological innovation of belt conveyors is of great significance to provide efficiency, reduce costs, and reduce accidents. From the analysis articles we wrote before, we can see that the innovation of belt conveyors The most important technology lies in the development of new conveyor belt equipment. Traditional conveyor belts will always cause production accidents due to long-term high-load transportation, rust of the steel wire rope core, twitching of the vulcanized joint steel wire rope core, etc., such as lateral broken belts, sudden breaks, etc. Therefore, the development and innovation of conveyor belts of conveying equipment requires us to continue research and development and research to develop new conveyor belts and other assembly line equipment that are more suitable for modern industry.

  Today we are going to elaborate on the multi-point drive technology. The characteristics of the multi-point drive technology are to reduce the probability of accidents, and it is very suitable for the long-distance conveyor of the belt conveyor. The multi-point drive technology is very suitable for the needs of the conveyor line in the mining industry. In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, there are also relatively few broken belt protection equipment that we add to the conveyor belt to prevent major mine accidents caused by the decline of the conveyor belt. Therefore, the technological innovation of the belt conveyor is also of great significance for preventing mining accidents.

  Advantages of belt conveyor multi-point drive technology

  1. Prevent belt breakage of the belt conveyor and prevent sliding. The installation of backstops on the shaft of the linear transformer friction-type multi-point driven drum transformer can effectively prevent the expansion of belt breakage accidents at the same time, because each drive device is originally a belt breakage protection component, which will generate backstop torque to prevent the conveyor belt on the belt conveyor from slipping. At the same time, due to the reduction of the conveyor belt tension, the demand for the resistance moment of the first pair of backstops is also reduced. 

2. Reduce the tension of the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt will reduce its tension once after passing a drive point, so the more drive points, the more the maximum tension of the conveyor belt on the belt conveyor will decrease.