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Belt telescopic conveyor working principle

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Belt telescopic conveyor working principle

Retractable belt conveyor is mainly composed of the following parts: head frame, driving device, driving roller, tail frame, carrier roller, middle frame, tail redirection device, unloading device, cleaning device, tensioning device, belt storage device, etc. The conveyor belt is the load-bearing component of the belt conveyor, the material on the belt runs together with the conveyor belt, and the material can be unloaded at the end or middle part of the conveyor according to the need. It is a continuous transportation equipment that conveys materials through the movement of the conveyor belt carrying materials. The conveyor belt is wound through the drive pulley and the tail pulley to form an induction loop belt. The upper and lower conveyor belts are supported by rollers to limit the deflection drape of the belt, and the tensioning device provides the required tension for the normal operation of the belt. The drive unit drives the drive drum during operation, and the belt is driven by the friction between the drive drum and the belt, and the material is loaded on the belt and moves together with the belt conveyor.

The retractable belt conveyor is generally unloaded at the end, or in the middle when a special unloading device is used. The main difference in structure from the general fixed type is the addition of the mechanism for telescoping the conveyor belt. The telescopic mechanism has belt storage, belt reel, belt release and end-unloading device, and the intermediate frame is easy to disassemble. The belt storage device includes a set of fixed rollers and a movable roller assembled on a roving trolley. The conveyor belt is wound through two sets of rollers, which can be tensioned by the winch to increase the distance between the two sets of rollers, and the conveyor belt involved in the belt storage device increases, moving the tail forward, and the transport distance of the conveyor is shortened and vice versa. It can wind the removed conveyor belt into a roll or connect the rolled conveyor belt into the storage device; thus the conveyor length can be changed as required. The retractable belt conveyor is also available in horizontal and inclined types, which is used in conjunction with the bridge transfer machine in the lower flat lane of the mining face to speed up the face advancement, and can also be used in the digging face with the roadheading machine.