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Belt conveyor maintenance from which aspect?

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Belt conveyor maintenance from which aspect?

With the rapid development of science and technology, conveyor has been popularized to all corners and fields of human life, and the use is more and more extensive. It saves a lot of time and labor for human beings, and people’s daily life is more and more inseparable from conveyors. Conveyor machinery is divided into: 1: belt conveyor 2: screw conveyor 3: bucket elevator 4: roller conveyor 5: metering conveyor 6: plate chain conveyor 7: mesh belt conveyor, today the focus of belt conveyor maintenance from which?

1、Applicable to the company’s various models of belt conveyor overhaul

2、Overhaul cycle and content plan

2.1, maintenance cycle according to 3 months for a small repair, 12 months for a medium repair.

2.2、Contents of overhaul

1、Small repair

1) Fix all screws and correct the position of upper and lower rollers

2) Clean the shaft tile (bearing) and adjust the clearance of the shaft tile (bearing).

3)Check the gear meshing degree of reducer, replace or make up the lubricant.

4)Overhaul and replace the non-rotating rollers into the retaining wheel.

5) Replace the local broken belt and belt joint.


2、Medium repair

1)Disassemble and clean the rolling bearing or shaft tile.

2)Repair or replace the shaft tile (bearing)

3) Overhaul the gearbox, repair or replace the gear, shaft and shaft tile.

4)Repair or replace the unloader shaft, jacket or sleeve.

5) Clean, repair and replace the drum motor.

6)Check the rusting condition of the frame and carry out anti-rust treatment in time.