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Application of drive roller table of roller conveyor

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Application of drive roller table of roller conveyor

  Roller conveyor with the development of modern science and technology, has a very wide range of applications in all walks of life. Assembly, testing, commissioning, packaging and conveying of various types of objects. Line conveyor can be selected according to various process requirements: ordinary continuous operation, beat operation, variable speed operation and other control methods; roller conveyor line body can be selected according to local conditions in the form of straight line, curved road, ramp and other conveying line body. The drive roller table of the roller conveyor can convey the flat bottomed articles such as plates, bars, pipes, profiles, trays, boxes and various workpieces along a small horizontal inclination angle. The most prominent is that it can be better connected and matched with the production process, and has functional diversity, specifically in the following aspects: flexible layout, easy to segment and connect, according to the need, by straight, arc, horizontal, inclined, branch, merging and other sections and auxiliary devices, the composition of the form, closed, flat, three-dimensional and other forms of conveying routes.
  It is easy to connect with process equipment, and the connection is simple and compact, and sometimes it is used as the material input and output section of process equipment; the gap part between the rollers is easy to arrange various devices and equipment; the goods are conveyed smoothly, and it is easy to process, assemble, test, sort, pack and store the goods in the process of conveying, and it is easy to realize automatic control in the process of conveying; the size of the two roller conveyors The size of the connection size of two roller conveyors can run smaller size items, and double rows or several rows of roller conveyors can be arranged side by side to form a large width roller conveyor to run large pieces of items; it allows conveying high temperature items; the roller conveyor is standardized, serialized and generalized to a high degree, and it is easy to be spliced to form different production lines, and it does not need special civil foundation.
  Since the drive roller has obvious advantages in conveying the piece goods, it has been widely used in various production departments and industries, especially in various flow production lines. In addition, due to the mass production of thin-walled high-precision seamless steel tubes and the specialized production of special bearings, the appearance of the light roller conveyor frame in manufacturing is not only very beautiful, but also very easy to install at the site. In the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries, each country produces roller conveyor manufacturers as many as a dozen to tens of hundreds, a variety of general-purpose and special rollers, a variety of applications of various specifications. It is widely used in machinery, military industry, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food, post and telecommunications, metallurgy, building materials, warehouses, and material distribution.